About RSI

Builders, lot developers and lenders all agree success in the new home industry is largely dependent on having a keen understanding of the market. This insight can make the difference between success and failure – whether identifying opportunities, positioning a product or just making the right decision.

When the Texas new home industry wants to feel the pulse of the market, it turns to the experts – Residential Strategies, Inc.

Experience Counts

RSI has a thorough understanding of the housing market achieved through years of experience: observing cycles at work, focusing on the specific nuances of competition, recognizing the cause and effect of market forces.

Texas’ Best Market Research and New Home Data

Combining detail with flexibility, RSI’s market research system is truly state-of-the-art. An internet-based database offers a myriad of reporting opportunities.

Customer Service

At RSI, consulting is customized; market research is individualized. RSI meets face-to-face with its clients; questions are answered.  At RSI, our clients come first.


RSI is not just about market data. RSI is about understanding the new home market. RSI is about helping clients find right-priced, well-located lots. RSI is in tune with market sales velocity and the values that demand projects.  RSI is about making sure a lot or housing product meets the needs of today’s household. RSI is about minimizing risk and finding opportunity. RSI is about expanding your business.